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But I guess I know a lot about bugs
south london
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All I did was follow my heart, now they call me a BUG MANIAC.

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Sarah @ Freaky Trigger, (not frequently enough), atommickbrane@last.fm and robot starry @ flickr. @superpitching. And here, just for the heck of it is amazon wishlist and my wists.com list @superpitching. I have a del.icio.us too, but I'm sleepy...

wii bits:
console - 4417 7719 6728 7057
sarah's mario kart license - 0516 8800 7809
household license - 4167-7455-7795
animal crossing friend code - 4597-3829-4281

Communities I'm involved with: diggerdydum (pub gossip about Doctor Who), brit_knits (self expl), pigspigspigs (like pigs? you should join!) and poptimists.
"the" sja, chiba city monorail, double-decker trains, duggan, dusty springfield, factoring hectopascals, finn! again! wake!, freaky trigger, gargoyles, gin and ginger beer, half man half biscuit, haunted houses, high pitched geordie accents, husband lists, japanese idols/small dogs, john dickson carr, john lewis food hall, john wemmick, kimchee, king boo, kowloon bakery, lewis, lollards of pop, lunch, maya fey, microdisney, pokémon, pthwndxrclzp, rapid urban transportation, romana, slow urban transportation, tea, the bloomsbury pugs, tube walks, urameshiya, vernon lee